Wednesday, July 17, 2013

That Dreaded Phase

Well, dreaded for me, anyway.  And man, I really hope it's just a phase.  What am I talking about?  The "no Daddy, go away Daddy I want Mommy" phase.

You know the one, where he refuses to say sorry to me when I'm disciplining him and he only wants his mother.  Meh, it was bound to happen.  Hopefully in a few years he'll come back to me.  Or something.

I mean, especially with the changes in his life right now, and with everything happening...sometimes I fear and really hope he doesn't grow up to resent me or anything.  It's especially worrisome to me when his mother and I have differing opinions sometimes on parenting/discipline, and when/if we argue in front of him (like today).  I guess I really should work on my temper or something, but...yeah.

All I can do is love him to death and hopefully he'll understand and accept the decisions I've made in the past.

*snap out of it*


*  *  *

Almost there.  Just some finishing touches to do for the major things on the upper floor.  Of course I have more than a thousand things to do downstairs (oh, and not to mention the closet organizers for the upstairs).  I just try not to think about it, or the fact that I haven't been sleeping much.  As well, sometimes I work a bit better when I'm mad/upset.  I kind of hate that about me

*  *  *

This song gets me all the time:

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