Thursday, June 06, 2013


I've always had a thing for solid wood furniture.  I've also always had a thing for teak, and clean mid-century Danish lines on furniture (I couldn't actually describe it until recently, but I always knew I like it).

So now my latest hobby is sourcing affordable, mid-century teak pieces (antique-ing?  Really?!?).  I was successful in finding these awesome 1960's dining chairs and an old, glass-topped, teak-bottomed coffee table (thank you kijiji).  This in addition to the modern-retro chair I got for cheap yesterday, and I have a challenge ahead of me in trying to make it all work.  I also have to find a dining table and perhaps a credenza.

Of course I still have more than a ton of stuff to do in the house to get it all ready.  Just gotta take it one day at a time, cause gawd knows my anxiety levels have been blasting through the roof lately

*  *  *

Nina's wedding this weekend means it's reunion time again...let's hope it's not awkward or anything with everything considered

*  *  *

Tomorrow is the annual all-you-can-eat Jays' game extravaganza with the workmates.  Sodium, fat, calories and nitrates, here we come

*  *  *

Maybe I need to start writing again.  It's definitely not going to be everyday, that's for sure, but let's see if this will help

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