Sunday, June 09, 2013

High School Reunion

That's what it felt like at Ryna's nups last night.  Always nice seeing people from your past (and present).  Left me with a feeling of...angst (?)...nervousness (?)....excitement (?) for the future.

Nice party with some nice moments.  The emcee really annoyed me (drunk? Wouldn't shut up?  Horrible speaking voice?  Grumpy old man (me)?  All checked).  Also, I will forever be the "sober one" while the friends all get drunk.  Amusing and annoying all the same, but some things I guess will never change

*  *  *

Got my delivery from the Brick today.  Dear gawd, it's been so long since I ordered it I don't even remember what it looks like anymore.

Also picked up a cheap (!) but good dining set with chairs from kijiji.  This car of mine, the awesome Fit...never ceases to amaze me.  I actually fit all of it in there!  This on top of when I fit a living room chair in there as well.  Each time I worried I needed to get my Dad's van.  I've got to stop underestimating how mighty this little car is.

Anyway, I'm gonna sell these chairs and most likely end up getting this table for free plus some profit.  Score!

*  *  *

All things considered with what's happening in my life, I'm damn lucky.  I hope things stay the same/get even better going forward

*  *  *

It seems like at times I have full conversations with sentences with my baby boy.  He's growing so fast and getting so smart (and also becoming a smart ass).  Love that kid

*  *  *

Gonna play some basketball in a bit.  Hope I don't have a heart attack.  I've been hitting the junk food/been eating unhealthy for quite a bit now.  I'm looking for that motivation again and stop using convenient excuses not to do what I have to do

*  *  *

From the wedding last night:

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