Sunday, June 30, 2013

Long-A** Day

So far my Canada Day long weekend has been going great!  Well, great in the sense that work is actually getting done in the house:

-Max will finish the rest of the stair railings tomorrow.  It's looking good and more and more I'm realizing that if I did it it would have looked horrible:

-put up a closet door.  Went back to Lowe's thinking a piece was missing.  Went back home to find that it wasn't missing.  They gave me the parts off the shelf for free, but I'll return them as I have no use for them.  Oops...time and gas wasted
-cleaned all the gutters, which involved me going on the roof.  I hate going on roofs (tingly biyag; that fear I'll fall off), but at least it got done:

Notice there are plants growing in the gutter?  Jeez.  I need to get new gutters
-started putting up baseboards and trim in one room

Only problem with all of this work is:
-the feeling that I should be getting more done
-missing out on relaxing
-not knowing when I'll actually be done.  I really hope soon.  I feel terrible every day I'm not moved in, as I'm probably causing inconvenience to her.  Also Eamon is growing older and he really needs to get used to a new routine
-I'm exhausted

But anyway, I have to stay positive

*  *  *

Tried something last night that was quite...interesting

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