Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Crunch Time

So I have one week to get everything all set up before the guy I have hired comes in and does the handrails/posts/spindles.  I can do this

*  *  *

Gave blood again today for the fourth time.  It's becoming a somewhat fulfilling feeling thing for me to do.

BeeJ passed by and somehow ended up donating as well (less that a week in Ontario and he's already spilling his liquids for the place).  Kats was, yet again, low in iron.

Saw some of the same people I've been seeing since I started.  I come for the cookies!

*  *  *

Good convo with BeeJ today.  Definitely one of those relationships in my life where we can pick up and talk about serious stuffs even though it's months apart.  Good to have them back!

*  *  *

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