Sunday, October 23, 2005

19 Minutes, 62 Seconds

Did the CN Tower stair climb this morning, and I think the title of this post sounds better than "20 Minutes, 2 Seconds." I still maintain I did the race in an official time of 19 Minutes and 59 Seconds, because it took the guy at the end of the race at least 3 seconds to punch my time card. But nooooo. Here I was thinking I could finish it in 17 minutes. Yeah, if I was about 25 pounds lighter and in shape (although I still contend that "round" is a shape, albeit not one thoroughly desired). Still, I am proud to have done it and on 4 hours sleep. Not that I am making excuses or anything. No, not at all. Oh, and of course, Arvin beat me again:

Then I promptly went home and met up with Tony and Mel with Sharon for lunch and a "discussion" about weddings and stuff. I am not a kid anymore. Scary shit man!

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