Monday, October 03, 2005


Maybe. Let's see, I finally went back to the gym this morning to find out that I have no more shot. I have to practice tomorrow, especially considering my first game is this Thursday at 7:40pm. I am with The Pistons. Man I hope they pass to me.
Pretty hectic day at work. At least it seemed it was.
As low as $85 a head, supposedly. (Sharon if you are reading this it is not what you think. I love you baby, but don't jump to conclusions)
Went to Kyle's house to "plan" his deck. Looks like it will be next spring we'll do it. Nice.
Went to Al Fernandes' house and continued to help him do his crown mouldings again. Not done yet. Not gonna be done for a while. What did I get myself into? Oh right, I should be nice once in a while.
My girlfriend is coming home after my first woodworking class on Wednesday. Yay!
I am gonna be a busy mofo these next couple of months. Oh yeah, and I'm gonna have to save a lot of money, especially with me going to California and VEGAS BABY in December. Dang.

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