Sunday, October 16, 2005

Livin' In A Fantasy World

Fantasy Basketball World that is. I think I am assembling a good fantasy team for my Raptorblog League. We'll see. Looks like I am getting the basketball excitement again. Happens around this time every year since I became interested in the sport.
Went to Ajax today to see the Villaneuva family, whom we haven't seen in a long, long time. Awesome chocolate cake. Also found out that Gil and Marie are planning on having their wedding in late May/early June of 2007, so that should give my family enough time to recuperate for Sharon and mine's October 2007 wedding.
Also had a good, if not productive conversation with Sharon regarding our wedding. I love you baby, no matter whatever happens with our big day.
She has agreed to give me these next couple of months as my "bachelor time" so I am excused from thinking, or rather concentrating hard on our wedding. This way I can think about Vegas Baby! (Although in reality of course she's never off my mind)

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