Monday, October 17, 2005

Day Off Ending By Dreaming--errr, Yeah

I had one of my patented days off from work but very busy and somewhat productive otherwise day.
-woke up, picked up some wood from Oliver Lumber for the project I am working at in woodworking class. I am intrigued as to how many different types of wood there are. I am also discouraged as to how expensive wood it. I would love to do woodworking as a hobby when I get older, but damn it's expensive
-went to the Doctor's office with my Mom, as she is sick. I also had an appointment regarding my cholesterol test. Result: back on Crestor for the time being, and more concentration on my diet and exercise yet again. I have to focus man
-Sharon had a positive interview with a company in Don Mills. If she gets it, we might have to move in the Dixie Mall area. Assuming she agrees to it
-took my car to get rustproofed. While waiting I walked to Home Depot and bought caulking for my tub, as I am recaulking it
-Al Fernandes passed by and gave me "payment" for my work on his crown mouldings. A Hugo Boss shirt. It's nice, but a tad bit too big
-went home, and recaulked my tub. If there is one thing in renovations I absolutely hate, it's caulking. Mainly because I suck at it and it gets all over my hands. But at least it's recaulked now, and will have to be recaulked again next year. Ai
-went to watch this movie with Sharon (!):

What are they looking at?
My Mom had free tickets from work, whom she also gave to neighbours and friends, who I also saw at the theatre. Nothing like free stuff! The movie was okay, with the exception of it being very predictable and sappy. If anything, I came out of it wanting to go to the track and learning how to bet on horses. That can't be good for anyone
-and exhale. Now I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Then again that's what always happens when I have a very busy dayoff

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