Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"When You Cry I Cry"

-that song has been in my head. Possibly because I keep playing it in my car
-now that I have an iPod shuffle, I can buy that thing for my car where it connects the iPod to my deck. Actually, nah
-spent the day at work cleaning and organizing the stockroom. Yep, that's my University education put to good use there
-my back was aching like it has never been aching before. I needed an emergency back massage. I ended up going to one at Sussex Centre. A Romanian girl did it for me. Before she massaged my back, she was bending over at the desk where I saw her braless chest (it's not my fault; when clevage or boobs are exposed, you can't help but look as I described in one of my other blogs). Then when she was massaging my back, I heard unzipping. Man, I thought I was at a Rub n' Tug, with the stereotypical Eastern European woman looking for work while she is an illegal immigrant. Luckily it was just a back massage
-washed my deck again. Now I just gotta waterproof it
-ordered a new sunglasses clip for my eyeglasses as I broke the original one. Luckily I have a "shady" optician, as I am now able to claim it under my health benefits
-cancelled with Al Fernandes. I needed a break-my girlfriend called me. I missed her voice. I am picking her up tomorrow at Midnight. I explained to her that I missed her and it was disconcerting not hearing her, and that it's only okay for us to go this long without talking to each other if I was the one on vacation. I think she agreed. Oh well, I am gonna see my baby again tomorrow! Score!

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