Sunday, October 02, 2005


Couple things happened today:
-went to Dixie Value Mall, and what value it was. Saw these babies on sale:

N is for "Noooooooo!!! Why'd I buy them?!?"
New Balance 574. My shoe fetish continues. Oh, and I didn't just buy 1 pair, I bought two purrs. (Two different colours at least). I always wanted a pair of these, and when I saw that the original price was $99.99 knocked down to $29.99 and a further 20% off, I had to buy them(s). How could I not? I could've been worse; I could've been Arvin who bought three pairs of them. Only one of ours is matching, but man, does he have to always copy what I buy? (A funny inside joke of ours)
-bought wood for my deck. Damn lumber is frikin' expensive (that deserved an italic and bold).
-pinally peenished my stairs project. Only took much longer and much expensiver than I figured! Isn't that always the way my renos go though?
-got my plane ticket to Cali/Las Vegas. Okay, I really gotta start saving so I'll start getting broke. Ai.

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