Thursday, February 09, 2012

File Under "Should've Went Earlier": Osteopathy


Went all the way to Burlington Osteopathy Clinic for Sharon's back, but also decided to get some work done on me for my pains and woes.

I was a little skeptical at first as he was a little out there, but as soon as he met Sharon and started to diagnose her, he was bang on.  And on top of that, she felt better (much better) after the treatment.

Then he went to me and treated me.  It was painful and hurting, but at the end it loosened me up as well.

Yes, he was one of those practitioners who slammed other types of practices, but dang, he was good.  And we'll be returning again on Tuesday, hopefully to more success.

Also good news?  We left Eamon at Gil and Marie's place and he did great.  Encouraging news for when we leave him at day care.  Mind you, it helps that knows his cousin's but still.  I have to make this child more social because he seems to be a little clingy lately (not that I mind, of course)

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