Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Tool Time? 2012 Tool Time.

Happy Family Day!  Or more precisely, "Happy I'm Not At Work And Instead With My Family" Day!

Bought the bike trailer today.  Looks good; can't wait to get Eamon a helmet and then take it for a spin.  He fits in it nicely and seems to like it.

We then went to Square One.  We must be gluttons for pain because it was nuts in there; like it was Boxing Day all over again.  But at least this time it was bearable because Eamon seemed to have enjoyed himself people-watching.

While at Square One, it seems I have made the decision to graduate from my first compound mitre saw.  Went to Sears and saw a double-bevel, sliding compound mitre saw.  And of course, in my awesome rationalizing ways, it is deemed a necessary buy because it will make the crown moulding I still have to do much easier.  Plus it's more than 60% off!

So unnecessarily necessary 

Will it bring me better skills?  What do you think?  (Helllllll no)

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