Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Not Cool Anymore

So I was perusing Facebook and was looking at pics that my nephew (who is 23) posted.  It was an album of him and all of his "GQ" boys at a club.

Aside from the fact that the club was pretty empty and the pictures were nothing that special, I noticed that at least 6 of the guys were wearing bow ties.  I couldn't suppress the hater in me; the bow tie doesn't look cool anymore when everyone else around looked the same.  Is the look over now?

I blame celebrities for trying to make the "geek look" be "the look".  Or something like that.

Or maybe I'm just upset because I wanted to incorporate the bow tie into my wardrobe and now feel like it's played out (exactly when and where would I wear one?  Sometimes I don't think my hating

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