Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Theory Of Displacement

So we went to our osteo appointment yesterday.  I told him I was still suffering from a nagging left hammie.  He stretched it out like crazy (hurt like hell) and also pinched my calf a lot.  I actually screamed in pain.  I'm wincing right now remembering how much pain it was.

Afterwards, my hamstring felt almost 100% better! calf hurt like hell.

So really, he made the pain go away from one spot.  Unfortunately, he made it go to another spot.  But at least the original spot didn't hurt anymore.

I have, since I can remember, always suggested this method.  Whenever someone told me that they had a headache or a body part was hurting, I always asked them if they wanted me to punch them on the thigh.  You know, displace that original hurt.  I swear I think I missed my calling as an osteopath

*  *  *

You ever have a feeling of dread when you're going to do something because you know how it's going to turn out?  And you can't do anything about that because, well, it's your job?

I had that yesterday.  Had to go do an inspection of a place I knew was going to bad.  And of course, it was.

Now I have to charge him.  Again.  Seriously, what is with this people?

These are the days my job makes me have anxiety

*  *  *

Still mad at myself for not attempting to apply for E.I. earlier.  Now I feel like I'm scrambling.  In my mind, I have plenty of excuses, maybe some that are even valid.  But still...they are just excuses.  Now those excuses are turning into regret.  Argh

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