Saturday, February 04, 2012

Childhood Memories, Adult Reality

Went skating this morning for the first time in years with Xavier.  I was quite shaky on the ice, but it was still fun.  Until my feet started to hurt.  Boooo.

Then went to my parents where Ate Corinne came by (visiting from Seattle).  I always forget how tiny she is.  She also hung out with us all afternoon, which was fun.

Next thing I know, I'm ready to go to bed.

Lots of stuffs to do though...hopefully will be more productive tomorrow

*  *  *

I've always loved deals.  Latest deal?  I purchased some shaving cream/after shave balm from Shoppers Drug Mart that was on sale plus the use of coupons. Result?  66% off!  Yee-uh boi.

Mind you, I'm prolly not going to finish this supply for the next couple of years, but whatever

*  *  *

More boo?  Looks like the PlayBook is screwing up.  Gotta go to The Source tomorrow to see what can be done

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