Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Valentine's Day...

...Eamon gave his whole family his germs.


Feel like craps.  Amongst other reasons, too

*  *  *

Went to an AYCE Japanese Buffet with the co-workers for lunch today (we celebrate all celebrations apparently...next up: St. Patrick's Day...lol).

It's like I haven't been out in public before...dropped my water onto my lap and the table.  Embarrassing.

Even more embarrassing?

5 minutes later dropping Ruthie's glass of water onto Wilson's lap.

Holy crap.  I have no idea what the hell was happening, but it was like one of those things where I'm just watching myself from a far act a fool.  Luckily I had my excuses lined up:  am sick, never been out in a while, am a natural born klutz.  Luckily my co-workers are understanding and understandably made fun of me (obviously I would do the same thing if it happened to them).  Good times though; I appreciate the folks I work with

*  *  *

One of the people I appreciate every-so-often is my co-worker Laurie.  She is supremely retarded, a typical psycho-Filipina girl, and someone I can't really trust but I can (makes sense to me), but she makes me laugh and I pick and choose when to listen to her.

She told me something today that made me laugh and maybe even lifted my spirits up in my own world without her actually awkwardly knowing it.

But whatever, I'll take it

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