Monday, August 02, 2010

I've Been SealBlocked

Dammit...went to Rona early this morning only to find out that the 7-year sealer was sold out. I had no choice but to purchase the 10-year sealer, which was considerably more expensive. And the worse (in my head)? Half my driveway is now 7-year, the other half is 10-year. Crap. I figure I'll reseal it at the 8.5 year mark? (Most likely I'll reseal it next year).

By the way...I hate sealing driveways

* * *

Speaking of driveways and the things that go on it, I then went car shopping with Lavita because her husband is useless (not that I'm more useful when it comes to knowledge about cars, but she insisted I went). And what did I find? Man I dislike car salesmen. I also found it amusing that they kept asking me questions because they thought I was her husband, yet she was the one buying it.

I dread the day that I'm eventually going to have to get a new car

* * *

Speaking of cars and the things that go on it (holy segue), I just bought a car rack for our bikes. Now we can go biking anywhere, especially since I sold my recumbent and am going to use my old, trusty early-teens bike. I plan on taking it to Ruthie's cottage/camp this weekend

* * *

Speaking of bikes and the things that go on it...I really should incorporate biking into my physical activities

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