Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My Mother and Father is in the Philippines. Funny enough, they seem to be enjoying themselves so much that they didn't even bother calling their sons at home. Thank goodness for Facebook?

Conversation between my Mom and me on our FB walls:

Mom (after a few weeks in the Philippines):

hi jay how everything we been busy going around just looking for now no shopping coz we want to see whats in bali we are leaving today 25 aug at 6.00pm say hi to sharon
what do you like us to bring you

Me (trying to joke with her):

Hello Mother. I am very disappointed in you for not contacting us sooner. You know, we are here at home waiting for you to call, but you and Dad are just out galavanting and not thinking about us? First there was that tour bus that crashed near Baguio, then that tour bus that had Canadian citizens...please have a little more consideration for the future. Thank you.

Have fun in Bali; you do not have to get us anything, just be safe. Say hello to everyone there for us. Love you

Mom (unaware of my joking, and apparently really averse to punctuation):
so sorry son just having a very busy day everyday when we arrived home just fall asleep right away you know the day that hostage happen i was just telling your dad i want to go there that day then we heard the news dont worry we wont take bus tour we have our private drivers
your ate carol rocky paul tito manny even your tito bobot they all happy to drive us anywhere we want

My Mom is boojee as well. No tour buses for her...only private drivers!

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