Monday, June 04, 2012

Headlights? Really?

So selling this car is quite the hassle.

First went to the DMV.  Lineup crazy.  Didn't go to the DMV.

Finally got the info I needed by calling in.

Went to Crappy Tire "secretly" with the car.  They said they can do the tests.  Left to walk home. They called me and said that they can't do it.  Went back.  Then they said they could do it.  They did it.

And found...that it didn't pass because the door lock wasn't working and the headlights needed "restoration".  wtf?  I mean, I understand rules are rules but dang.

So of course I got home and the door lock promptly started to work.  And I vimmed the headlights.  Was gonna go back, but the technician left for the day.


And I have to get this all done by Wednesday.  Maybe this is a sign that the Vitz doesn't want to leave

But short term pain, frustration, pissed-offness for long term...well, nothing.  I lose my car and I'm not getting the most profit out of it.  But whatever...I'll finally get to park my Honda Fit in the garage!

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