Sunday, June 10, 2012

And Thus Concludes Another Jam Packed Weekend

No wonder everyone in the house is tired.  I mean, aside from spending hours out in the sun.  The rundown that made us rundown:

-church in the morning
-Jack Darling Park for a walk on the path with some association from Oakville
-parents house, where Eamon slept
-went to Sq1.  Bought stuff again at Old Navy.  Uh-oh
-back home to pick him up and take him to the huge-a** splashpad at Celebration Square.  What did we learn?  Eamon is less of a splasher, more of a drinker of splash pad water.  That's my boy!
-home for dinner, then a quick visit with Xavier and Antonio.  Antonio is getting big!  He's already as big as Eamon, and will soon pass him in size
-went home and washed/cleaned both cars


No work tomorrow (day off what!).  Gonna get Fitta tinted and vinyl wrapped at Vosier.  Looks like the modding-bug unsurprisingly caught me with my new car

*  *  *

Random thought:  I dislike overbearing, helicopter-parents

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