Saturday, June 09, 2012

Productive/Relaxing Day Happiness

As I've said before, I love it when days are productive yet relaxing.  For instance, today we:

-went swimming in the morning
-went to watch MIB3 (I like the franchise.  It was a good, above-mediocre movie in my opinion)
-went to Erin Mills.  Old Navy was having a big men's 40% off everything sale.  Uh-oh...I haven't bought clothes in the longest time.  Until today
-went to Bioped and got my professional knee braces and my orthotics covered.  I hope when I wear it people don't think I know how to actually play.  Because I don't
-spent about 1:45 mowing the lawn for the first time since that gardening splurge we did.  It's looking good so far...just gotta make sure the grass doesn't die

And now I'm gonna watch the Heat/Celtics game.

Good day!

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