Sunday, July 15, 2012

H-Ang-Ing Out Redux

Hey Foot Jools!  Welcome to my thoughts and randomness and incoherent babbling.  In other words, welcome to my diary.  Ghey.

Anywho, the Ang's passed by today and as always, good times.  Crazy how you meet people, if you think about it.  There has to be all sorts of coincidences and happenchances (I just made up that word) in order to meet people and ultimately new friends.  But I digress.

After their visit, I put up a shower curtain rod at the in-laws and realized that I wish I had more time/money/motivation to do more reno work around the house.  One day, when things settle.  Right.

On another random note, I kinda sort of want a tattoo after watching "Best Ink".  Maybe

*  *  *

Sesame Street is awesome:

*  *  *

One thing I forgot to mention from the trip to Niagara last weekend was something funny (to me) I heard at one of the stores at Lundy's Lane.  A Filipino kid was fighting over a toy with presumably his brother, causing a ruckus.  The father gave the "I'm gonna scold you look" and said outloud:  "ssssssssssssssssssst.  WHY YOU'RE DOING THERE?"

Seriously.  Can't stop laughing about this

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