Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So Eamon and I went to the park after dinner today while his mother went for karate.  Initially, we were the only patrons there.

Then a mother with her 10 year old kid came by and went on the swings.  The mother exclaimed, "oh my goodness!  He is sooooo cute!  Are you the Father?"

I kind of laughed and said "yes, I'm the Father."

She retorted, "you look so young!  I thought you were maybe his older brother or something."


Sadly, she was cougaring me or anything (really now?  Inflated head do we have?  Has anyone ever "cougared" you?  smh).   I'm just going to blame her slip-up on (stereotyping alert) the fact that white people have a hard time judging Asian people's ages

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  load of laundry done.  Oh, and I also stopped myself from telling off the fat elephant idiot at work.  This close though!

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