Friday, July 06, 2012

In Which I Became Horribly Dizzy And Nauseous

Poor kiddo barfed in his sleep last night.  Gave him a shower at 12:30am, and had to wash his clothes.  I think it may have been the super-contagious norovirus (if it was, it really went through his system quickly because he was fine after that).  Why do I think it was?

Because I was crazy sick today.  Went to work for a few hours but went home and took 3 separate naps (I might be screwed for tonight).  Had chills, nausea, vomitted, dizziness.  Yuck.  Wouldn't wish this on anyone.

And like a true norovirus, I seem to be getting better.  Felt bad for Sharon because she had to do everything in the house today as I was pretty useless.

Hope I feel better for tomorrow because it's Eamon's first swim class for the new session.  I hope we both don't barf in the pool

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