Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweatin' Sweatin' Sweatin'

It's a good sweatin' doing all this walking at work being the glorified mailman.  I feel disgusting as heck, but oddly enough it also makes me feel good (knowing that at least I'm doing a tiny bit of exercise).  This is gonna be a great shower.

What doesn't feel good?  Being up until 2:00am with my horribly fussy child who was just so inconsolable.  Damn teething.  Nothing would work!  Tylenol, a soothing shower, water, food, not even being with Mommy.  It's all a part of parenthood, right?  I cannot complain.  This will pass too (and I'll surely forget about it as I always claim that I only remember the "good times" with this boy growing up).

I just feel bad for Sharon, as she is beyond exhausted.  She's had to take care of him the past two evenings while I've been doing o/t and he hasn't exactly been the most co-operative.  Thanks for being the best Mommy for Eamon, bubs

*  *  *

And the era of "no cable TV" has started.  Rogers just came today and removed the cable as we cancelled it.  I wonder how long we'll last (not fighting for the computer).

I'm still contemplating getting an antenna.  Just gotta find the time...

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