Monday, July 30, 2012

I Had Time. Then I Went Over.

It's the return of the newspaper delivery boy!

At least it wasn't scorching hot today and it was a good way to build up a sweat while working.  Worked at Brampton and the neighbourhoods I went to today make me really glad to live where I am (*Mississauga Snob Alert*) (actually, it's not even a Brampton vs. Mississauga thing.  There are a lot of parts of Brampton that are nice.  It's just this neighbourhood I didn't particularly like).

I also went to an area of Brampton that have estate homes from the 1970's.  These are super-gigantor lots and crazy big homes.  Unfortunately, the upkeep has been...terrible to say the least.  The homes looks like they are falling apart.  As well, it's always a nice surprise going to mailboxes (about 8 of them, really) to drop off flyers only to find that there are wasps nests in there because they abandoned using them.

Even funnier?  I was with my Supervisor Paul who drove me to the front door of a crazy big mansion, only to find the iron gate doors at the entrance...closing behind us.  It was a good thing that some (what appeared to be) housekeepers were on the property for sale (no one lived there) to let us out.  But it was quite tense as we would have had no idea how to exit the place.  Plus my imagination thought it was a drug dealers home and we were totally going to be shot up.  My imagination.  It's fantastic.

(Time-sensitive link ahead of the aforementioned house where we got locked in:

And it happens all over again tomorrow (although this time by Mississauga Rd. and by my neighbourhood).  WNV what!

Miss seeing my boy in the evening, but sometimes I gotta do what I gotta do for money.  Thank goodness he has a good mother to pick up the slack

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