Sunday, July 29, 2012

Love These Lazy Summer Days...

...except I wasn't that lazy!  It was a nice day though.

-watched a Korean movie on Netflix (thanks Arfeli for access to your account what!) called War of Arrows.  Wasn't too bad
-went to Crappy Tire and got a deal on some car cleaning products (one product wasn't actually on sale but I showed them in the flyer that it should be so they gave it to me at the sale price. The small victories are the best sometimes)
-spoke to Beevy and Mistie online.  It's been a while
-went for a nice bike ride with Eamon and Sharon
-did some garden work
-cleaned/wiped down the front doors and garage doors.  Looks brand new again!
-did a thorough cleaning inside and out of Fitta
-vacuumed under the refrigerator.  Crazy dust

I'm sure there was more stuff that made the day nice and which left me with an overall happy feeling.

Now then, just hoping Eamon has a more restful sleep tonight, as he has been pretty restless the past few days due to his teething (which in turn is causing him to have a fever and all sorts of crankiness)

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