Sunday, July 08, 2012

We Went On A Safari (Niagara)

Well that!

We got some groupons for a place called Safari Niagara, which I never heard of.  We made the 1.25hr trek there, and I wasn't expecting much.  What we got was a whole lot of walking, a lot Eamon going "bird?" to every animal, some splashpadding (dope when you're sweating to death), and a pretty good, affordable time out.

I think Eamon will enjoy the big zoo (especially if we go to the one in San Diego).

We then went to Lundy's Lane and I got a pair of wet/dry shoes, and Eamon had one of the absolute worse diaper-situations he's ever had.  And now that he's quite active, I can't just leave him on the changetable.  And since we were using cloth diapers...yeah.  Fiasco.  It got to the point when I was trying my best to clean the cloth diaper, he was throwing down the sanitary napkin garbage container (aka where the tampons go; I was in the Family Washroom) and he was trying to put his hands in the toilet.  Thinking I had it under control (and after 4 vigorous handwashings with extra soap), I got home only to realize...I left the cloth diaper in the bathroom.


I always pride myself in not leaving anything, but there was obviously a breakdown.  I gotta refocus my game here.

I feel bad for the janitor who finds a disgusting, used cloth diaper on the counter...yikes

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