Monday, March 26, 2012

And His First Day...

...resulted in him taking a nap in the Joanne the caregiver's arms?  He doesn't fall asleep in ours, and it wasn't even his bedtime.  And when she tried to wake him up, he wouldn't.  As a result, he didn't even eat lunch (he was only going to be there half a day).

This amuses me because the way I figure Eamon's thinking is this:  "I don't know who the eff these people are.  And where the eff is my Dad?  Okay, maybe I'll just sleep and when I wake up this bad dream will be over.  And if they try to wake me up, I'll just continue sleeping."

I got there just when he woke up.

But Joanne said that he had a pretty good day (I'm not sure if she says that to everyone).  We'll see what happens again on Wednesday when I take him back

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