Thursday, March 08, 2012

Hard Headed

Oh man, at least I really hope he is.

Why does he keep hitting his head when I turn my head for a few seconds?  So far he has been averaging one hard hit to the head everyday this week (after joking about it with Trannifer earlier this week).

Fret not, it's not leaving any marks or bruises (well, that's a lie...there is one on top of his right eyebrow) and he hasn't been landing directly on his head to the point of concussion-like or brain damage symptoms.  I still feel bad though.  It's almost as if I'm a negligent, stereotypical "Dad" (I'm not.  At least, I don't think I am).

In the end, I think he's doing it on purpose because like someone he is constantly looking for attention.  Ha.

Good thing he's easily distracted after I scoop him up and kiss it better.

(Please don't call child services on me)

I wonder sometimes if we had a girl if she would be this, ummm...rough and tumble and clumsy.  Most likely not.  Thank goodness I have a boy then?

*  *  *

Dropped the boy off at my in-laws this morning so I could play some bball.  After 1.5 hours of playing with guys 12 years younger than me (and of course getting beat) legs are jello right now.  Love it.  I miss ball

*  *  *

Went to Gil's and Marie's place for a quick visit after Sharon came home from work.  So funny when Eamon starts to cry, Antonio starts to cry.  And Xavier is getting to be quite a little boy (as opposed to a baby).  I look forward to seeing these boys grow up together.  It's going to be nuts!

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