Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I Might Be Enjoying This Too Much

So with Day 2 down, I'm still loving being at home with my baby boy.  We went to Dixie Mall this morning just because.  I felt like how I think those stay-at-home parents feel like, not working and depending on my spouse to provide (monetarily) for the family.  I bought myself some snacks, being mindful of how much I spent (Toonie Tuesday and Bulk Barn for the win).  I even went shopping for myself, buying a cheap pair of jogging pants.  Hey, if I'm going to go, I better go all the way.  Time to get fat(ter)!

I do foresee it being a bit tricky basing the schedule around his sleeping times.  He's eating quite while but his napping has a little bit more left to be desired.

It's not all gravy, of course.  Because he napped horribly today, cooking dinner was tough as he was crying the entire time.  The only time I got him to simmer down was when I fed him baby mum-mums and blueberries.  I'm hoping that he doesn't end up obese because I didn't want him to cry.

Tomorrow we're going to try something new again; depending on how he feels (based on his little runny nose at the end of this evening), we might try to go to the YMCA in the morning.  We'll see.

In the meantime, I just spent 1.5 hrs cleaning the bathrooms.  Apparently I'm domesticated.  Screw "real work"!

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