Saturday, March 24, 2012


So the fam and some family friends (Wayne, Crystal, Andrew, Reeva and their 4 month old baby Lariah) came over today.  Good times, especially with all the babies in the house (and Xavier, my ever-increasingly-getting-older nephew and who will be the ringleader in the future, no doubt).

Lots of preparation for the dinner:  potatoes, salad, cheated and bought rice from Mr. Greek, and the Souvlaki and Shrimp Sticks.  Turned out okay!  It was just a lot of work.  Which is always the case for the "parties" we have at our house.

I swear, next year I'm just going to order

*  *  *

I guess I'm going to go through my patented "holy crap I'm a year older" routine shortly.  Crazy to think that this time last year my life was completely different.  It's now a whole lot busier, but a whole lot better too with my mini-me.

I am grateful for the life I have thus far.  I better stop getting wistful.  Still a whole lot more life to live

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