Friday, March 23, 2012

I Knew I Jinxed It

So it was a pretty busy day today:

-swimming with the boy at the Y in the morning.  He had fun
-went to the Early Years Centre and attended the "Babies On The Move" class.  He had fun
-went to parents house where he ate lunch, slept, ate his snack and played.  He had fun
-went home, went to Trannifer's house to meet cute little Juliette.  He also met Rozzymaboo.  Who licked him on the face continually.  He might not have had that much fun
-went home, showered him, then went grocery shopping.  I am preparing food (i.e. marinating meats) for a family get together tomorrow.  So it's for my birthday, but I'm the one doing all the preparation for food?  Figures

Sometime today, I told someone (I think it was at the EYC or to Kiran at Trannifer's place) that Eamon is a good sleeper and that we got really lucky after sleep training that he sleeps through the night.

And of course...we just spent 1.5 hours trying to calm him down from his frantic crying.  Jinxed.

Best guess is that he is teething again.  Another guess, which I hope is not the case, is that he had a bad dream (like for example Roz "attacking" [really her just kissing] him).  I hate it when I have bad dreams...I can only imagine for him

*  *  *

So I got word today from Kats that I might not have to go to downtown in May for that hearing I was supposed to go to.  Crazy.  Just goes to further prove...I hate people

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