Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swimming Was A Splash

A good splash.  We went swimming this morning at the YMCA, and it was good because the changerooms were big and spacious.  Of course a lot of people there said Eamon was "really cute" which always makes me happy.

Also ran into Paresh and Hina there, who were going to do a pool inspection, which I found amusing for some reason.

Then we went home and Eamon slept for three hours, which is just ridic.  But it gave me time to do some stuffs around the house, which mainly consisted of watching The Walking Dead.  I'm so hooked on this show, I'll be sad when I'm fully caught up (because I'll have to wait for new episodes on the TV).

I seriously am feeling like a stereotypical housewife, what with watching my "soaps" and what not.  And of course...I'm loving it

(yes Buh, I can see myself as a stay-at-home Dad as well.  Although, I do like making, you know, money and all)

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