Thursday, March 01, 2012

I Saw Saw, I Bought Saw

And the search is over!  I bought a saw that was both a good deal and (supposedly) good quality.  I mean, if even my Dad said it was good, then wow.

When I went to look at mitre saws at Sears yesterday, I was looking for another one (of course).  Saw a 10" Craftsman Sliding Mitre Saw with Single Bevel on clearance (like, from $400 to $135).  I wasn't sure if it was a good one, so I did what I normally do:  google the heck out of it.  And I found out that it wasn't that bad.  And the price was right on.

So all day I was worried someone would buy it.  I went home and then realized that Sharon was going out with her friends.  So it was me and the boy in my small car.  After he ate.  Little babies eating does not bode well for patience (future tip for those that don't know).

The saw was still there when we got there (whew), I bought it, and thought it might fit in the car.  Nope.  Of course not.

So improvisation!  I went to my parents house, picked up the van, left the boy, picked up the saw, left it there, picked up the boy, rushed home because his bedtime was looming.

Got home, showered him, put him down.

And now I can sort of breathe.  Now all that's left is wondering when I'm actually going to use it.

I will have to make it a point though to sell my first, trusty mitre saw.  She did good.

I don't have an end to this tale, so I'll just leave it with...yee-uh!  Saw!

Hoping it's not a Crapsman

*  *  *

Because I have only one more day before I'm on EI, I decided to buy more eyeglasses as well.  Don't ask me how that makes sense, but it did.

And of course, since I'm such a "deal monger", I was able to procure the spectacles at a fantastic deal.  3 purrs for $83!  Clearly Contacts and google for the win!

(Conspicuous Consumer Alert)

*  *  *

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