Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just As I Suspected...

...this parental leave thing is going by fast.  I should really stop looking at a watch/calendar and just enjoy the time I have with the ever-increasing adventurous child I have of mine.

He has discovered our shutters and opening and closing them.  For some reason I see us replacing them

*  *  *

Had an "argh" moment this morning:  went to the gym.

Forgot my shorts.

Fastest visit ever, that consisted of just taking a steam and sitting in the hot tub

*  *  *

Last osteopath appointment until mid-May.  He did a good job on us, but when he went on trying to sell us supplements...yeah

*  *  *

Hopefully the PlayBook drama will be over soon.  Argay went online and got us a new one, and we ordered the optional keyboard.  It's like we're gonna have a second laptop!

Now there will be no more fighting/fussing over this Mac, which, by the way, I fear might conk out on us one of these days (3 plus years going strong, this has got to be the best computer I have ever had)

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