Friday, March 16, 2012

Musing From My Retired Father (March 16 Version)

So my Dad is one of those Filipino Retirees that goes to Square One everyday.  Upon the release of the iPad 3: "there was hardly any line up outside the Apple Store.  There was more line-up at Tim Horton's."  And he took joy in this, for some reason

*  *  *

It's called No Frills.  And yet, you need a quarter for the shopping cart.  I didn't have on this morning.  It's hard enough to go grocery shopping with a baby.  Harder to carry him around.  So I said "eff it" and took him to my parent's house and let him sleep there while I did errands.

I also saved about $55 by having Ray check out my car and reset the computer.  So with this logic...I can buy my mitre saw table for half-price now!

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