Friday, August 31, 2012

Another Reality Check We Have A Child

So today was...eventful.

Went to my office with Eamon to say good bye to my students and so that they could meet him.

Then we were going to the CNE.  We got to the parking lot, I took out the stroller, and then I heard Sharon freaking out.  Because Eamon started barfing.  Yay!

Needless to say, we were a bit shocked and at first didn't know what to do.  Coming to our sense, we realized that we had to go home.  Me, being paranoid with all that is norovirus, started trying to hold my breath so that I wouldn't inhale any potential viruses.

Anywho, we were lucky to get our money back for the parking, drove a naked baby home, got him showered up, chalked up his barfing to motion sickness (like Father like Son, unfortunately), and went back to the CNE (only 2 hours late!).

The CNE was okay this year, and I stayed positive instead of my usual "why the hell am I here it's so busy and expensive" thing I usually do.  Had food from dutchfrites (fries and other deep fried goodness) and a schnitzel.

Got an awesome free War of 1812 commemorative cardboard hat I wore the majority of the day (with swag).  Had about 6 people ask me where I got the hat.  Had to endure Sharon teasing me saying that I loved the attention (I might have, but I'm not admitting to it).  The rest of the day?  I wore a Maple Lodge Farms commemorative chicken cardboard hat (again, because I had swag), where a Dairy Farmer of Ontario said to me "not a lot of people would be humble enough to wear a hat like that".  I'm not entirely sure what he meant, but I'm taking it as I'm humble.  And cool.

Oh, and Eamon enjoyed the animals and Sharon didn't enjoy me constantly stepping on her feet/toes (oops, sorry!  You've got to stop putting your feet under mine).  Anywho, good times and perhaps next year we'll go again because maybe he'll understand it more (and plus who am I kidding?  Every year I say I'm not going to go but somehow want to go).

Now then, let's see if my plan of painting the room tonight comes to fruition...

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