Sunday, August 05, 2012

I Go To Red Lobster For...

...the biscuits?  They are damn good, even though they must be like 43 000 calories each.

Debbie is in town and we went for dinner with the in-laws today there.

Unfortunately, today also marks the day that Sharon and I dreaded:  when he becomes unruly and "one of those kids" at restaurants (i.e. throwing, shouting, making a ruckus).  Looks like we won't be going out for a couple of years now.  Overdramaticize much?  Maybe.  But let's see you try it!

Otherwise, Eamon is entering the stage that just kills me with laughter.  He's getting quite smart. Mind you, he's also at that stage that worries me, at least in the sense that he won't be able to sleep unless I rock him to bed.  Dammit!

Also in the next few months we're gonna transition him into the "big boy bed" in the other room.  So I guess that means I have to make the closet in the other room and paint mould?  So unnecessarily necessary, at least to me.  I officially started already today by visiting Rona and the Ho Depot

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