Friday, August 10, 2012

Apparently I'm One Of The Rare People That Do?

And not only that, I update it (albeit not really anything insightful or worth actually reading) on a horrendously consistent basis.

Sometimes I forget that people read this thing.  Most times I don't.  I'm flattered that people read my inane posts on life and the likes there of.  I really don't have a special, awesome life and in fact it's quite boring and filled with way too much complaining.

I've always said that one day I might just stop doing this cold turkey, and that I may just let it go without feelings of sadness or regret; as, such, is life.  I mean, I try doing that kind of polar behaviour in what seems to be all aspects of my life.  I wonder when that day will come

*  *  *

Busy day (off) today:

-dropped the boy off at the in-laws as Joanne shut down the daycare due to a funeral for the family
-went to Rona.  Yes, I'm going to continue to find things to buy for the house all because it's cheap.  I'm still that guy but whatever, it is stuff that is needed/what I always wanted for the house
-cleared out the room for the closet I'm building, as apparently I've made the decision to now paint the ceiling of the room and put in crown moulding as well.  Yup, this is me
-met up with Buh at Porchetta and Co.  Hot dang damn good sangwich
-went to Ikea and bought a nice set of drawers.  Thought to myself:  man, I just spent a lot of money on this.  Where am I going to pay it out of?
-got a call from Proctor telling me there will be overtime tonight.  I just answered the previous question I had
-became a mailman for 3.5 hours

Now I'm home and I have to do another layer of plastering for it to be set for tomorrow.

Sometimes, it's a very good thing to keep very busy

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