Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ego Boost From Tito's and Tita's

I like meeting older Filipino relatives I haven't seen in a while.  Perhaps because they only remember me as the fat kid, but they always say to me when they see me "you've lost so much weight!  How did you get so skinny?"

The thing is, I'm not skinny and I'm still fat.  So really, I think, clearly, it's their eyesight and memory that is failing them.  But hey, I'll take it!

Anywho, today I saw some US relatives (Tito Frank, Tita Aluh, Tita Helen, Tita Esther and Tita Maryvic) and they not only gave me some compliments about my physique (again:  LOL), but they also came to the house and thought I was some Mike Holmes-ish kind of person with my renos.  Seriously.  They cray.

Also pretty funny?  They were going back to my parents home after visiting, only to return 5 minutes later because they got lost.  Awesome.  Gotta love old people

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