Thursday, August 09, 2012

What Causes Me Stress Yet Also Is A Way For Me To Unwind?

Doing renos.  Even drywall touching-up, like what I did tonight.

Decided what is going to be happening in this fancy closet, and it will involve me getting to practice some skills I would like to acquire/get better at.  These include putting up wallpaper and crown moulding and making shelves (on sale at Rona what).

Tomorrow is a day-off and I hope to get more work done for this.  Yet, I always seem to forget about actual working-on-it time and drying of materials time.  So yeah...this looks like it is going to be a project that will take much more longer (than what Sharon would want).

And if all goes well tomorrow as well, hopefully there will be Porchetta in my stomach at lunch if I get to meet Buh.  These muffin handles are getting serious though.  Yikes

*  *  *

Ever worry that you'll be exposed as a raving lunatic and as a fraud?  Yeah.  Question I ask myself sometimes:  now what?

*  *  *

My shoulder and hamstrings have that tingly/tightness feeling right now.  I know what that means

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