Thursday, August 23, 2012

Do I Really Need To Make Hotdogs Bacon-Wrapped?

Nope.  But I did anyway.  Left me extremely thirsty afterwards.

Kim and Michael passed by today.  Damn if Michael isn't bigger than me in two years time.  Not that that is saying anything, but the kiddo is getting quite large.  He's really good with Eamon and is still quite the Mama's Boy, but it's nice to see kids grow up before your eyes.

Really hoping I don't have to work overtime tomorrow.  Gonna be a busy weekend with Andera/Aldo's wedding.  First time Eamon is gonna sleep over his grandparent's place.

Just have to get over tomorrow

*  *  *

Started watching the show "Community".  So far two episodes in and I'm really liking it. I miss the cable that much?  Tanks goodness for Netflix

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