Saturday, August 18, 2012

Keeping Busy As Socialites

Damn this day went by fast but with lots of events:

-went for a quick jog (!) in the morning with Eamon
-went swimming
-went to the Ang's to hang.  Fun times as usual with some insightful conversations (  Crazy to think that in a few months there is going to be another Ang child in the house.  I guess we'll never see them
-came home and the Camara's came by with their awesome 3 year old Chloe, who pretty much babysat Eamon while the adults talked (lol).  She's a very smart girl who is going to be a great help to her parents, especially since they are having twin boys in October.  I guess we'll never see them

Next thing you know it's after 9:00pm.  Yikes.  And I didn't get to work on the closet.  I'll work on it tomorrow, where I hope to get a lot accomplished on it.

Man, all these parents having their second (and third) child.  I wonder if...nahhhhha

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