Saturday, August 04, 2012

So Good It's Scary

I did a 7 hour mailman shift today in the sweltering heat and humidity.  It was ridic, and it was one of those times I felt I really earned the overtime.

Then I had a haircut from Argay.  Kalbo-time...(after being out as opposed to before.  Of course).

Afterwards, we picked up Eamon from Liz's baby shower (even though she had the baby 2 months early).  Yep, we looked like 2 gay dads.  But whatever, it's not like it wasn't said before.

Anywho, for the rest of the evening, Eamon was in a good mood, playing with everyone, laughing, eating, showering and sleeping as perfectly as he could possibly do.  Which, quite frankly, was more than scary to me.

I mean, seriously, after a week of him being utterly miserable (which we attribute to what we think is teething and him having a little bit of a cold), this was quite refreshing.  But still, scary.  I guess this parent amnesia thing hasn't kicked in yet (i.e. remembering the miserable times).  I also hope Eamon has amnesia when it comes to the same miserable time.

Days like this though I really, really love him (as opposed to only really loving him) and of course think my son is quite cute, although I would try not to say it outloud to anyone because I don't want to be one of those parents

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  cleaned the washrooms

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