Wednesday, August 08, 2012

That Time I'm Not Surprised I Made An Oh-Crap

I tend to do boneheaded things at times.  No surprise.

For example, today, I was test fitting a new antenna for my car and left the old antenna on top of the roof.  I opened up my hatch door and the old antenna got wedged in-between the door and the roof.  Causing...a dent and ripping some of the vinyl.


Just a few days ago I was telling Debbie not to worry about a scratch on her car that got scratched.  Looks like it's time I live by those words.

Double crap

*  *  *

Rona is having a sale.  I have to stop myself from buying too much, but it's always all about the deals for me.  But I am happy I hit the first day of the crazy sale (they are closing down this location).  I bought all sorts of crown moulding and melamine shelves.

And this is where I really appreciate my car (which I just dented and scratched.  Dammit.); everything fit in there like a champ.  Nice...advantage Fitta

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  bought a 40% off organizer for the garage and put it up -- on the same day!

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