Monday, December 12, 2011

And The Nightmares Begin?

So my baby boy was crying and fussing at 1am last night.  Went to pick him up, he stopped crying, but was not exactly awake.  He only woke up about a minute later.

Then, of course, when I tried to put him down he cried.  So I picked him up again and he stopped crying.

So sensing an opportunity, I lay in the bed with him thinking that finally, he'll sleep with his dead ol' Dad (I have this thing where I want my child to sleep with me because, you know, it shows that maybe he loves me.  He normally never is able to sleep with us.  I know, it's not exactly something I should broadcast to those parents that find it annoying that their children are not able to sleep without them).


But he will accept Sharon's boob in the middle of the night, then fall back asleep.

Anywho, I think he had a nightmare.  Hopefully tonight he sleeps more peacefully

*  *  *

Leg is still aching, and now back and shoulders are aching.  Dang it

*  *  *

Tomorrow will be another day of eating like a champ.  BBQ for work party/lunch, then my workmates annual Peking Duck extravaganza in Markham.  Which also means I won't see my baby tomorrow evening again.  I can do this...I'm sure he won't even notice I'm gone

*  *  *

Wrapping up the daycare search...

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