Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxed Out, Yet Again

I swear it's like I don't learn.  Why do I even bother trying to go out during Boxing Day?  There are so many people, too many lineups, and a lot of people who smell in the crowded places.

Mind you I did make some purchases like a super fancy schmancy universal remote control to replace all the remotes we have in our family room, and a bath soap dispenser set.  And Sharon did get a dress.  And we did go to Walmart and spent a crazy amount of money on "necessities" which I guess were on sale.  So it's a Christmas Miracle?

(With the amount of time we spent all day getting these purchases?  That may be up for debate).

But whatever...Sharon enjoys doing these things, my parents enjoyed babysitting Eamon all day (maybe a little too much...a camcorder and camera were whipped out when he was sitting down), and I enjoy complaining so it's a standard Boxing Day afterall

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