Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Christmas Time!

Well, sort of.

Preparing for our annual high school friend's Christmas party.  It's quite tiring.  And I have two turkeys to cook tomorrow, so I'll be up early methinks.

This year I'm trying out a new stuffing recipe, already.  Usually the recipes I get from works but in this case I didn't read the reviews where everyone basically said it was too dry and needed more moisture.  So near the end of the baking period, I added in a ton of chicken stock.

Now I just have to figure out if I'm going to leave the stuffing loose or actually stuff the turkeys

*  *  *

So I think the injury is from my glute muscles.  Effing hurts still.  No idea how I got it but it's annoying and I hope it goes away soon.  I mean, I can't hardly even bend without having disomfort.  It's like I'm 75!

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